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Ahoyhoy! The name's Jess, I am a freelance artist and I welcome you to my portfolio with a little wave, complimentary, on the house, how nice!

( ・∀・)ノ゛ 

Hopefully you've popped here to my About page after perusing my art but if not... I, well, it is delightful making your acquaintance first and I hope you'll enjoy flicking through my Portfolio before seeing out the lovely remainder of your day.

Recently, I worked on backgrounds on Yolo: Silver Destiny, an adult-comedy animation airing on Adult Swim in Jan 2023 and a kids book for Era Books set to be released in Jan 2023 called 'Cath and Seth'.

I'm always open to new projects so shoot an email or a message below if you have something in mind. I don't take on self-published kids books projects but most everything else is fair game!



Here's a form-thing if you'd like to leave me a question or comment.

(╭☞ •  ⍛• )╭☞ ?

(ノ・∀・)ノ *. ☆゚

Thanks for the message, we'll chat soon!

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